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Maintenance / Maintenance contracts

Prevent the chance of faults by doing maintenance on your forklift attachments by Axtra!

As Axtra we understand it's very important that your device must be reliable working 24/7.
Malfunctions cannot always be prevented, that's why you can trust our service.
Our technicians are available to resolve the malfunction!

The advantages of Axtra Attachments

  • 24/7 service in case of malfunctions and maintenance
  • Experienced and reliable technicians
  • Specialized maintenance in attachments
  • Personal contact
  • Quick contact possible (by phone, WhatsApp, E-mail)

Malfunctions report by WhatsApp

It is possible to report malfunctions by Axtra with WhatsApp.
On our mobile website you can directly send us a WhatsApp message at the right orange button.

E-mail contact with Axtra

Axtra is also available by: info@axtra.nl.
We are ready to solve the malfunction of your device.

Customized maintenance contract

Preventive checks of attachments are important and prevent the chance of faults. Maintenance based on actual costs or a complete unburdening of maintenance to guarantee maximum uptime? Either is possible with Axtra Voorzetapparatuur. For minor maintenance we would be pleased to visit you on site. For total unburdening of maintenance we offer customized maintenance contracts for a fixed monthly sum.

Discover the options!

If you are interested in the options, please ask for a quotation without obligation or contact us now! Prevent the chance of faults and go for minor maintenance or full overhauls with Axtra Voorzetapparatuur.

Do you just want to repair? Click on the link below for more info.