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Manually reachforks

The manually reachforks are aligned and repainted and cannot be distinguished from new!
All forks are inspected per pair and meet the safety requirements!

Looking for specific manually reachforks? We have a big stock!
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Typ 25/10/16/A
Mark ManuTel

Capacity (1) 2500 kg
Load center (1) 500 mm
Capacity (2) 1066 kg
Load center (2) 500 mm

Forklength 1000 mm
Forkwidth 135 mm
Forkthickness 55 mm

Own weight 148 kg
Horizontaal zwaartepunt 349 mm

Uitschuiflengte 600mm
Schuifvork van 1000 mm naar 1600 mm lengte!

Met extra voorbouwmaat-steun:
ingeklapt + 80 mm, uitgeklapt + 200 mm.